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Purple Satellite

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Purple Satellite

Purple Satellite

Purple Satellite

Purple Satellite is a cross of two Inbred lines: Oaxacan Gold kept from 1979 and a high altitude pure Nepalese sativa.
The Oaxacan bumps up the potency immensely.

Purple Satellite is one of the earliest sativa of its quality available to northern growers, coming in before most of the others, finishing when the sun is still high and strong for extra trichome production, with great mold resistance.
Remember to mind your nutes starting early flowering.

Plants are very consistent and may look like clones. Almost all will develop pink to fuchsia pistils and purple in the calyx even without a chill period.

The smell of plants in mid to later bloom are seriously strong cherry that fills the air upon finishing the smell gets more complex with a fragrance of pine, incense with a touch of berry that carries into the very smooth smoke.



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