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Sativa weed strains

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze Once Haze feminized genetics reached Holland (Thai, Cambodian, Lao and Jamaican and Hawaiian Haze strains) they were crossed […]

Nurse Lilly CBD

Nurse Lilly CBD Nurse Lilly is a high CBD strain and is An excellent medicinal strain for a very broad […]


Shoreline Shoreline Feminized is a unique cannabis strain which grows well in all conditions. This makes it particularly good for […]

Citradelic Sunset

Citradelic Sunset A fairly tall plant with medium length internodes. Spongy, high calyx to leaf ratio flowers covered in terpene-rich […]


Chocodope This sativa strain grows big and will take over any area it is growing in. It has a very […]

Silver Haze

Silver Haze Silver Haze is a true Indica-Sativa hybrid. Haze, a strong pure Sativa, crossed with the high-potency Indica strains […]

Choco Bud

Choco Bud Even though it might sound a little crazy, we are not insane here at Vision Seeds! “Choco Bud” […]