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Sativa weed strains

Jack Herer

Jack Herer This multiple Cannabis Cup Winner is undoubtedly one of the most speical types of marijuana in the cannabis […]

Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 The Cinderella 99 is Christmas come early, absolutely white all over. This beautiful girl features compact and greasy […]


Burmese Burmese is easy to grow, easy to clone and very stable. Don’t veg this mostly sativa for too long […]

Psycho Killer

Psycho Killer TGA Subcool Seeds’ Jack the Ripper is well named because it is absolutely killer weed. Jack the Ripper […]

Deep Psychosis

Deep Psychosis Deep Purple is a cross between Querkle and Urkle. The breeder found an excellent Deep Purple male and […]


Malverde This specimen is the survivor from when the US Government sprayed certain Mexican cultivations with crop killer, in order […]

Killer Purps

Killer Purps Lovers of color take note, Killer Purps has landed! This sativa dominant wonder plant is a next level […]