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Indica weed strains

Dutch Delight

Dutch Delight Big Bud, Skunk and Afghani come together in Dutch Delight – a solid and powerful cannabis strain that […]

Sweet Zombie

Sweet Zombie Sweet Zombie is a mind-blowing cross of Zombie Virus and Black Domina strain and genetics are very similar […]


Glueberry This hybrid did not disappoint us, and will literally have you glued to the spot after your first toke. […]

Critical Lights

Critical Lights Critical Lights is a great all round strain for beginners and experienced growers. She is a medium to […]

Critical Gorilla

Critical Gorilla With it’s exquisite taste and aroma just like a candy, Critical is already one of the most delightful […]

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese Blue Cheese is a great Feminized strain based on the multiple crossed genetics of Cheese and Blueberry. Cheese, which […]


Caramelino A cocktail of the best Indicas: Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino. It’s ready to harvest […]