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Auto flower weed strains grow and flower in 24 hours of light. From seed to harvest will be in 60 to 100 days and grow to 3 feet average. Super auto flower strains will be ready in 120 days and can reach 6 feet in height. Yield and THC levels are lower than other types of weed. Most auto flower strains will have some level of CBD also. ( Cannabis Ruderalis ) #Autoflower C. ruderalis

Blue Treacle Auto

Blue Treacle Auto Expect more yield than critical per m2. However Yield per individual is less since they are smaller […]

Sweet Cream Auto

Sweet Cream Auto Sweet Cream Auto a tall strong Auto with high production. Sativa characteristics, becomes a big plant, spicy […]

Critical Blue Auto

Critical Blue Auto Created from two world famous cannabis strains Critical and Blue Berry. She has quite a mouth watering intense […]

Caramella Auto

Caramella Auto Caramella Auto is the result of crossing Deimos with Cream Caramel Auto; two of the best and most well-known […]

Blue Cheese Auto

Blue Cheese Auto Blue Cheese Auto is a great marijuana strain that owes its origins to multiple recrossing of Cheese and […]

Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Auto After Haze genetics arrived in Holland they were crossed among themselves resulting in several hybrids. An American […]

Auto Reek’n

Auto Reek’n This cannabis strain has firmly cemented itself in a competitive market as a force to be reckoned with […]