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Auto flower weed strains grow and flower in 24 hours of light. From seed to harvest will be in 60 to 100 days and grow to 3 feet average. Super auto flower strains will be ready in 120 days and can reach 6 feet in height. Yield and THC levels are lower than other types of weed. Most auto flower strains will have some level of CBD also. ( Cannabis Ruderalis ) #Autoflower C. ruderalis

Texada Timewarp

Texada Timewarp Texada Timewarp is an outdoor favorite and must-have strain for growers everywhere. It is bred to be hardy […]

Lowryder #2

Lowryder #2 Lowryder #2 is a cross between the auto-flowering dwarf, Lowryder, and a variety known for copious resin production, […]

Purple Kush

Purple Kush Autoflowering strain from the fertile valleys and slopes of the Hindu Kush; our fast-flowering, 100% purple variety is the beautiful […]


Deimos Deimos is a hybrid which origins are mostly indica (Northern Lights), a work of selection of 7 generations in order to […]

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf Red Dwarf is a hybrid that was born to maintain the autoflowering pattern of his “sister” White Dwarf. […]


Syrup Syrup is a hybrid obtained by crossing autoflowering varieties with the sweetest of indicas. It has a fruity flavor […]

White Dwarf

White Dwarf White Dwarf is an auto flowering variety with a pervasive scent and a sweet flavor. This is derived […]